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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय बड़कुही
Kendriya Vidyalaya barkuhi
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1 PARENTS TEACHERS MEETING-AGENDA * Attendance of students. * Discipline of students. * Subject wise problem discussion. 0 Download View
2 PARENTS TEACHERS MEETING-AGENDA: * Performance of Students in Monthly Test. * Students Time Table for Remedial Classes. * Study Materials Distribution. 0 Download View
3 PARENTS TEACHERS MEETING-AGENDA: * Performance of Students in Pre-Board 1. * Discussion on Extra Classes during Winter Vacation. * Discussion on problems with students. 0 Download View
4 Parent teacher Meeting from classes 6 to 9 is on 12/10/2012- 0 Download View
5 Parent Teacher Meeting of class 12th.-50% parents attended the meeting. All slow learners parents attended the meeting. 0 Download View
6 Parent Teacher Meeting conducted on 31/01/2013-Result of Second Preboard is discussed with parents. 0 Download View
7 Parent Teache Meeting for Class XII held on 19/07/2013-This meeting was conducted in Two spells. I Spell : Parent's Interaction with Principal and Teachers II Spell : Parent's Interaction with sub 0 Download View
8 PTA Meeting for Class XI was held on 07/01/2014- 0 Download View
9 parents teachers meeting of class 11th-More than 60% of parents attended meeting. Exam pattern and result making system was explained. 0 Download View
10 Parents Teachers Meeting of class I-Over 70% parents attended the meeting. Discussion held on cleanliness and about CCE 0 Download View
11 PTM from class I to XII- 0 Download View
12 parents teachers meeting of class 9th.-PTM meeting for class 9th was organised specially for slow learners .In ththis PTM 80%parents attended the meeting .Many suggestions were given to the parents fo 0 Download View
13 parents teachers meeting of class 10th-PTM w ass organised in vidyalaya specially for slow learners of class 10th. In the meeting many suggestion were given to the parents for improvement of their w 0 Download View
14 parents teachers meeting of class 11th-PTM war organised for the slow learners of class 11th in which parents were guided by many suggestion by the teacher for improvement of their ward. 0 Download View